Matt Begent

senior frontend web developer based in Bristol


Hi, my name is Matt Begent and I'm a Senior Frontend Web Developer working in Bristol (UK) who loves designing and coding cool, accessible and unique websites. In my day job I work on websites for large brands such as Sky, Honda, STA Travel, Sainbury's, RAC, Babcock, PHS, Picturehouse Cinemas and ourscreen, using technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, Gulp, Sass, Git and JavaScript.

If you like the sound of me, feel free to get in contact at matt at mattbegent dot co dot uk.


Here is a selection of some of my personal projects, some of which are on Github:



I like to build accessible websites, as I am a nice human being and believe that the web should be available to everyone. In my day job I make WCAG 2.0 level AA accessible websites for Sainsbury's and Sky.


I keep up to date with the web latest standards and I also know how to support legacy browsers. For example, I worked on a project for Sainbury's which involved developing a responsive website that also supported IE6. My current naming convention of choice is SUIT CSS, however I have built websites using SMACSS and BEM. At work I use SASS, however I have used LESS a lot in the past. My build system of chioce is Gulp, which I used when creating this site, however I have used Grunt a lot in the past.


I have a good knowledge of plain JavaScript and I have created my own alternative DOM manipulation library which uses mordern JavaScript functions called svelte. I like to write modular JavaScript and use Gulp to concatenate and minifiy. I also have experience using React and Angular 2 on projects.


I use Photoshop everyday to turn designs into websites.


In my current job I work on large MVC, SiteCore, Kentico and Umbraco websites using razor templating. I work on the Frontend but in a previous job I had to occasionally debug and maintain C# on the backend.


For personal projects I often use Node.js, because it's just brilliant! I also use it for build tools such as Gulp and Grunt.


I have experience building WordPress themes from stratch and integrating them into large websites. For example, in my previous job I built the Grand Appeal corporate site. I also have a good working knowledge of Perch, which I used to make the Vidcheck website fully cmsable.

outside of work

Outside of work I love gaming and photography. In the background is a photo that I took in the Kruger Park.